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Overview of National Roundtables

The Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) was established in 2007 with the express intent of promoting the evidence-based benefits of incorporating innovation and technology in aged and community care. The ACIITC engages in various international and national activities, research, and events to highlight best practices, digital enhanced service delivery and high-quality outcomes for older Australians and their families. 

By way of background, in 2017, the National CIO Forum was established to deliver the strategic priorities of the Board as well as the National Home Care Committee and ITAC. The CIO Forum focused on various national activities, issues, research and events relating to technology. A strategic decision was made by the ACIITC Board in 2020 to cease the activities of the national committees and establish national roundtables to engage the industry and promote collaboration.

In 2021, the ACIITC established three (3) National Roundtables to engage specific sectors of the industry and to promote collaboration and activities focused on the uptake of technology and innovation in the industry. The current National Roundtable focus areas include:

  1. Technology Specific Considerations
  2. Service Model and Workforce Reform
  3. Financial Considerations, including Return on Investment (ROI) and Research and Development (R&D).

The ACIITC is always on the lookout for knowledgeable and energetic people to help with Industry projects and is currently holding an Expression of Interest (EOI) from service providers to become involved in the work of the ACIITC, specifically of the National Roundtables. Current express your interest open for aged and community care service providers to participate in a specific roundtable, please complete the national survey.

If you have any further queries, please contact

Overview of Technology-specific Considerations National Roundtable

The Technology Specific Considerations National Roundtable focuses on all aspects related to technology. Key contemporary issues are the focus of this group, including items related to cyber security, Business to Government interfaces, and promoting the role technologies can play in compliance and improving the quality of care for older Australians. These priorities will change from time to time and the National Roundtable will aim to be agile to respond to changing sector needs and criticalities. It is envisaged that this National Roundtable will continue the work undertaken by previous groups in regards to co-design activities with the government on post-Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety reforms alongside supporting the improvement of digital maturity in the sector. 

The Technology Specific Considerations National Roundtable is Co-Chaired by Ms Maria Paz and Mr Daniel Pettman.

Ms Maria Paz is the Chief Information Officer at VMCH with 20+ years’ experience leading transformational business and technology change across numerous sectors, most recently, the aged and disability sectors. She has developed significant expertise in the areas of technology strategy, governance, operations, performance, program/portfolio management, risk and assurance. Maria is passionate about using emerging technologies and data to identify new business transformation initiatives. She particularly enjoys managing change and innovation that positively affects and contributes to improving social and community outcomes.

Mr Daniel Pettman is a 20-year veteran in the technology sector, having worked across numerous industries including retail, government, education and, more recently, health and aged care. He is currently the Chief Digital Information Officer of BaptistCare where he leads the various aspects of IT risk, innovation, projects and operations. Daniel is passionate about using technology in improving the care experience.

Overview of Service Model and Workforce Reform National Roundtable

The Service Model and Workforce Reform National Roundtable focuses on all aspects related to service providers, the service model and the aged care workforce. Historically, key activities of the national home care committee included co-design My Aged Care, Technology Roadmap, Digital Services Surveys, Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, mentoring, benchmarking and various consultations for research projects. It is envisaged that this group will focus on contemporary issues such as the need to assist where workforce shortages are present along with the range of Post Royal Commission Reform agendas.

The Service Model and Workforce Reform National Roundtable is co-Chaired by Ms Sue Cooke and Mr Stephen Bacsi OAM.

Ms Sue Cooke is the Executive Director at Anglicare Southern Queensland. Sue is a vastly experienced health professional, educator, operational manager and community services leader with skills in person-centred care delivery, strategic planning and effective liaison with stakeholders at all levels, underpinned by an understanding and knowledge of relevant state and commonwealth legislative frameworks. Sue is a registered nurse and her enabling qualifications include a Master’s in Education, a Master’s in Business Administration and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mr Stephen Becsi OAM is currently the CEO of Apollo Care Pty Ltd. Before this role Stephen was the former CEO of the Bethanie Group, one of WA’s largest NFP providers of aged care services and also served as the Director of the Navy’s Strategic Reform Program, part of a Federal Governments Defence Strategic Reform Program initiative to deliver a $20 Billion in operating savings to redirect to Capital spending. Stephen was the winner of the Aged Care Industry most Influential Business Leader of the year 2013 and numerous other awards, including Runner CEO of the Year at the Australian HR Institute. He served as President of Leading Aged Services Australia in Western Australia. In 2015, Stephen was awarded an OAM for Services to the Aged Care Industry.

Overview of Financial Consideration National Roundtable

The Financial Considerations National Roundtable focuses on all aspects related to finance, including return on investment and research and development. The group may wish to focus on key items related to positioning ACIITC for Budget requests and allocations, detailing levels of investment needed after benchmarking with other industries and identifying key items relating to digital care services including sustainability and viability.

The Financial Considerations National Roundtable is Chaired by Ms Jennene Buckley.

Ms Jennene Buckley is a Director of Enkindle Consulting, which exists to support the Government, Peaks and Aged Care Providers through the next 5 years of reform to create a world-class aged care system. Jennene’s career in Health Aged & Community care spans 25 years, having been inducted into the Aged Care IT Hall of Fame in 2016 and won several national and international awards, Jennene is passionate about supporting aged care providers with organisational transformation and digital innovation.  She currently sits on several industry Boards and committees, including the National Aged Care Advisory Council.