Placing Importance on Cyber Security for the Aged and Community Care Industry

August 04, 2020

As the leading technology and innovation voice in aged and community care, the Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) highlights the importance of Cyber Security and calls for national attention to this critical issue.

We understand in recent times there has been an increase of cyber-attacks on aged and health care facilities. The protection of consumers information is critical in the delivery of care. We encourage the sectors update of technology, processes, and practices to protect networks, devices and programs from attack, damage, or unauthorised access.

ACIITC, Independent Chair, Dr George Margelis commented: “The need for a sector-wide education program on the issue of cybersecurity is evident and the aged care industry is not alone in needing to improve its knowledge and technology solution to what has become an ever-present threat”.

Earlier this year, ACIITC undertook to deliver the CARE-IT research project which focused on an environmental scan, an aged and community care industry survey, and a technology vendor survey. The research activity provided a unique opportunity for the Aged and Community Care industry to provide input into the future directions, investments and programs needed to ensure that Australia is a leader in providing technology-enabled, innovative and high-quality care, services and support to older people and their carers.  

ACIITC National CIO Forum Chair, Mr Gavin Tomlins, said “The recent body of work highlighted the need for industry education on cybersecurity awareness and the need for proactive action in the uptake of security, data privacy and protective technology”.

The next ACIITC National Forum will focus on ensuring the safety of the aged and community care sector and critical messages around cybersecurity. The ACIITC National Forum titled Cyber Security and Safety – Is your front door unlocked? will be held of Friday 28 August 2020 10:00 am – 12:00 pm AEST on Zoom Webinar. Registration for this webinar is free. To register and to find out more information visit