Itac 2018

January 23, 2019

ITAC 2018 was another highly successful event with an enthusiastic group of delegates who were very keen on learning and exchanging information and experiences.

Sponsors and Exhibitors were also enthusiastic about their opportunities and the continuing development of technology across the aged care industry.

It was especially interesting to see the developments in digital assistants, artificial intelligence and the role of blockchain in future service delivery.

This year Itac undertook a very extensive visit to the Tonsley Campus of Flinders University to review their substantial activities in the development of various technologies in the health and aged care environments.

Itac2018 also invited a number of new start-ups operating in aged care to demonstrate their service and planned deployment within the broader aged care space.

Itac2018 Awards were also a great success with some very innovative and exciting products being deployed. Of particular significance were the two major award winners for 2018, CareAPP and Hayylo.