Future of Innovation and Technology in Aged and Community Care

May 16, 2024

Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) is pleased to announce a new chapter for innovation and technology in aged care.

At the Innovation and Technology Across Care (ITAC) 2024 Conference held at the Gold Coast on 26 & 27 March 2024, Aged and Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tom Symondson announced the activities of ACIITC will be transitioned to ACCPA. ACCPA’s InnovAGEING team will absorb the key activities of the ACIITC including but not limited to ITAC conference, vendor forums, research, development and funded projects, and National Roundtables. Dr George Margelis, Chair of ACIITC, has now joined ACCPA as Chief Technology Advisor.

This strategic decision aims to further enhance innovation and technology initiatives within the aged care sector.

ACIITC has played a pivotal role in advancing innovation and technology solutions and fostering collaboration within the aged care industry. By integrating ACIITC’s activities into ACCPA, the industry will benefit from a more unified approach to addressing technological challenges and opportunities.

“We are excited to announce the integration of ACIITC’s activities into ACCPA,” said Dr George Margelis, Chair, ACIITC. “This transition underscores our commitment to driving innovation and technology advancements in aged care, ultimately improving outcomes for older individuals and their families.”

ACIITC’s Board, Executive, and Secretariat express their gratitude to all stakeholders for their support throughout this transition. ACIITC assure stakeholders that ongoing projects will be responsibly concluded, and the knowledge and resources developed by ACIITC will continue to benefit the aged care industry under ACCPA’s leadership.