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Dr Melanie Tan,
Independent Clinical Governance and Medico-legal Consultant, Dr Melanie Tan Consulting

Dr Melanie Tan is an Independent Clinical Governance and Medico-legal Consultant. With experiences as a medical practitioner (in acute care), lawyer (in aged care, health and medical negligence), and co-carer at home, Melanie offers a unique yet common-sense approach to contemporary clinical governance. 

As a CHIA (Certified Health Informatician of Australasia), Melanie also understands how health technology impacts clinical governance, and how clinical governance supports health technology. 

Melanie assists providers across all sectors to deliver the best care and support they possibly can (simultaneously mitigating medico-legal risks). In doing so, she helps identify, define and resolve complex issues at the intersection of law, medicine, care and governance, taking an independent and objective view.