Advancing World Leading Research into Innovation, Digital Services and Technology for the Aged and Community Care Sectors

March 03, 2020
Dr Victor Pantano, CEO of Digital Health Co-operative Research Centre and Dr George Margelis, Independent Chair, Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council.

The Aged Care Industry Technology Council (ACIITC) is focused on harnessing Innovation and Technology to create more sustainable and higher quality Aged and Community Care in Australia.

Today at the National ITAC Conference in Brisbane, Dr George Margelis Independent Chair of ACIITC and Dr Victor Pantano CEO of the Digital Health Co-operative Research Centre announced ACIITC would join a leading collaborative partnership that is working to resolve many of the Aged and Community Care sector’s most critical issues through the greater leveraging of digital technologies and innovation.

Dr Margelis highlighted the importance of this partnership in recognising the need to improve the uptake and incorporation of innovation, technology and digital advancement in a collaborative and multidisciplinary focused research environment for the industry.

In his announcement, Dr Margelis noted “the Digital Health Co-operative Research Centre is building a world-leading research and innovation program with a direct focus on improving the quality of health and aged care through evidence-based approaches and projects. ACIITC is committed to work together to ensure Australia leads the way of incorporating digital technologies and approaches.”

Dr Margelis commented that “this partnership represents a significant commitment to advance digital health in the Aged and Community Care industry in Australia. The partnership recognises the Aged and Community Care Sector is on the eve of massive opportunities as a result of digital transformation and that the introduction of digital technology should be targeted directly at improving the quality, safety and accessibility of care and support for older Australians.”

CEO of the Digital Health Co-operative Research Centre, Dr Victor Pantano, welcomed ACIITC to the collaboration, saying that – as the peak body for IT in aged care – its contribution will be critical.

“Together, we want to help drive digital engagement in the aged and community services sector, by boosting R&D in digital technologies for the sector.”

“The wider adoption of digital technologies will deliver a step change advancement in aged and community care.”

It will significantly support safe and quality care through the greater availability of real time data, and it will make information linkages between aged care and health providers much easier and more effective.”

“Digital technologies also have real potential to improve independence for older people, taking pressure off our aged care services.”

“We warmly welcome ACIITC to our collaboration and look forward to working with them.”

“We are enormously excited about what we can achieve with ACIITC and our other partners in the collaboration, the Aged Care Guild and Aged & Community Services Australia” Dr Pantano said.

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Dr George Margelis and Dr Victor Pantano are available for interviews, including in person at the National ITAC 2020 conference (at the Royal ICC, Brisbane) between 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm AEST on Tuesday 3 March 2020. To organise an interview please contact ACIITC Secretariat, Georgie Gould via or 0499 006 729.