October 13, 2015


The major concentration of resources of the Aged Care Industry IT Company (ACIitC) during recent months has been to focus on the technical and business transformation issues related to the reform and introduction of new structures under the My Aged Care, Gateway and Regional Assessment Service structures.

The ACIitC National Home Care Committee and the CIO Forum continue to convene and facilitate the ACIitC Department of Social Services (DSS) Gateway User Testing Group. Members of this group have met in Canberra on three occasions to date for face-to-face meetings and testing of the technical infrastructure being introduced.

Several opportunities have been taken outside these meetings to proactively take up the industry concerns as well as provide solutions to the department for consideration.

The ACIitC would like to formally thank the 23 organisations nationally who have participated in this group and for generously giving staff time to influence improvements in the systems being rolled out.

ACIitC has also formalised a regular forum with key DSS staff and this group has met regularly during the past three months. This forum is co-chaired by Graeme Prior as the independent Chair of ACIitC and Fiona Buffinton, group manager of the Access, Quality and Compliance Group at DSS.

This important forum is a venue to raise business transformation issues for the industry in relation to reforms being implemented by the department. It also provides a vehicle to alert the government of strategic needs of the industry in respect to innovation and technology.

At the time this article goes to print, ACIitC is working with the department to bring together an opportunity for broader industry consultation on the business-to-government requirements post the 1 July 2015 reforms.