ACIITC brings technology-enabled mentoring to the aged care information industry

April 10, 2019

The Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACiiTC) recognises the need for building towards a technology-enabled aged care sector within Australia. This need has now transformed into what is known as an ACiiTC Mentoring Program.

The ACiiTC Mentoring Program is a program that aims to bring like-minded people together in order to build the need for a technology-enabled aged care sector in Australia. In 2019, onwards, ACiiTC will work with professionals in the aged care information industry who shall act as mentors within this program. These mentors have been introduced in order to bring their knowledge and expertise together while also providing valuable advice to mentees.

The main priority of this program is the mentoring itself, building connections between people in order to better the industry is high importance. But along with the connections that are made through mentoring comes in-depth, detailed fields of interest. With these interests, both mentors and mentee can take control of their growth and learning.
The mentoring program will explore a range of interests including:

  • Incorporating technology into Strategic Plans
  • Planning investment in technology
  • Building networks and relationships in the sector
  • Technology and innovation workplace practices
  • Digital strategies
  • Information governance and reporting
  • Building networks and relationships in the sector, specifically global networks
  • Upgrading technologies
  • Incorporating technology into Strategic Plans (in general terms)
  • Cybersecurity practices

With a broad range of topics and interests with added professional advice from some of the leading names within the aged care information industry, this program will continue to grow for the betterment of those involved and the ever-growing technology-enabled care sector within Australia.
Mentors who will be involved in this mentoring program in 2019 are Rod Young, June Heinrich, Anne Livingstone, Jennene Buckley, Glenn Bunney, Allan Turner, Suri Ramanathan, Nigel Faull and Dr George Margelis.

The next stage of the project is to seek Expression of Interest for potential mentees.

If you’re interested in the program and would like to learn more, please email