Harnessing Information and Communications Technology to create sustainable aged care services.

ITAC International Forums

The ITAC Organising Committee decided that ITAC should consist of a range of events throughout the year. These International Forum sessions will focus on a particular topic and will be held every 4-6 weeks. The sessions will run for two (2) hours and include access to virtual exhibitors and sponsors. The intention is to use each Forum to explore a specific subject with a strong focus on innovation, technology and improved quality care outcomes.

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Call for Aged and Community Care Providers to Submit Expression of Interest

The ACIITC has established three (3) National Roundtables to engage specific sectors of the industry and to promote collaboration and activities focused on the uptake of technology and innovation in the industry.

The current National Roundtable focus areas include:

  1. Technology Specific Considerations
  2. Service Model and Workforce Reform
  3. Financial Considerations, including Return on Investment (ROI) and Research and Development (R&D).

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Download the CARE-IT Report

The Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians launched the Aged and Community Care Innovation and Technology Capabilities and Readiness (CARE-IT) Report on 26 November 2020. This important publication adds significantly to the collective understanding of the sector, its current level of digital maturity and the significant opportunities technology and innovation can offer in providing a more sustainable and high quality aged and community care sector.

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