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On 26 November 2020, the Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australian, Senator Richard Colbeck MP virtually launched the Capabilities in Aged & Community Care Readiness: An Evaluation of Innovation & Technology (CARE IT) Report.  

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Citation when referencing the documentation: Barnett K, Livingstone A, Margelis G, Tomlins G, Gould G, Capamagian L, Alexander G, Mason C, Young R (2020) Innovation driving care systems capability: Final Report, Aged Care Industry I.T Company.

The CARE-IT Project

In March 2020, the ACIITC was funded by the Department of Health to deliver the Capabilities in Aged & Community Care Readiness: an Evaluation of Innovation & Technology (CARE-IT) research project. The project is undertaking an environmental scan, an aged and community care industry survey, and a technology vendor survey, culminating in a final report.

The project aims to assess the innovation and technology capabilities and readiness of the Aged and Community Care industry in the following areas:

  • Business support and administration;
  • Reporting and online access to government;
  • Surveillance and monitoring technologies;
  • Telehealth; and
  • Smart Care at Home Technologies.

The Projected Outcomes

The outcomes of the CARE-IT project will inform future strategic directions and investment strategies. The project will benchmark technology and innovation for the sector, furthering the ACIITC 2017 Technology Roadmap’s technology and innovation building activities.

The CARE-IT report detailed nine recommendation including:

Recommendation 1 – Undertake the development of a two-stage strategic plan, with a timeframe of 2 years (short term) and 5 years (medium term) to improve the digital maturity of the sector and to reduce critical vulnerabilities in the sector.

Recommendation 2 – Invest in an Industry Innovation Fund to support integration of technology and innovation in the core business and associated processes of the aged care sector.

Recommendation 3 – Focus on improving Business to Government (B2G) reporting processes, incorporating codesign with the aged care industry.

Recommendation 4 – Undertake a streamlined version of the CARE IT Survey to allow ongoing national and international benchmarking.

Recommendation 5 – Support the development of a National Network of Living Labs to co-design new innovative service models, workforces, and tele-technologies.

Recommendation 6 – Investment in a nationally coordinated Innovation and Technology Series promoting digital maturity for the sector.

Recommendation 7 – Review current service standards by applying a technology and innovation lens against them.

Recommendation 8 – Establish a national clearinghouse to support the independent assessment and review of technology and innovation projects and the sharing of this information sector-wide.

Recommendation 9 – Investigate new opportunities for economic recovery programs focused on new national advanced technology solutions for the aged and community care sector.


In 2016, the Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) commissioned Australia’s first Technology Roadmap for Aged and Community Care which was launched in July 2017. The Technology Roadmap for Aged Care in Australia recognises the need for technology to underpin the delivery of aged care services and ensure independence, choice, and control for consumers.

The Technology Roadmap provides a clear and concise mapping of the technological requirements of the Aged and Community Care Sector and is aligned with the Aged Care Roadmap[1] and the Digital Service Standard 2016[2]. The Technology Roadmap proposed 26 recommended actions including identification of capacity building, funding and regulatory changes needed to enable mainstream adoption of technology across the industry.

Since the release of the Technology Roadmap for Aged Care in Australia in 2017, the ACIITC has been meeting with the Department of Health to discuss those 26 recommended actions.

[1] Released by the Aged Care Sector Committee in 2016 –



“The Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council was established to focus on harnessing innovation and technology to help create a sustainable and high quality aged and community care sector in Australia. Our work has concentrated on promoting sound research and analysis to provide evidence of the opportunities technology and innovation offer for better care and support of older people and their carers”.

“The CARE-IT Research Report is being tabled at a significant and critical time for the aged and community care industry. The sector is facing substantial challenges globally, nationally and in every community where services and support are provided”.

“Improved uptake of technology and innovation is critical to assist service providers to deliver the high-quality assistance older Australians want and need, now and into the future. Equally important is the role that a digitally included and digitally mature workforce will play in achieving this vision”.

“I trust the detailed research undertaken and the recommendations resulting from this endeavor will be used to ensure that we achieve an innovative, sustainable, quality-focused and digitally mature aged and community care sector for older Australians and their families”.

Dr George Margelis, Chair, Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council

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